Re: Recent disturbing postings

The posting was started to ask a simple question "what do PA's do or what are they expected to do at other labs?"  nothing more.  It wasn't supposed to turn in to who's job is more difficult or who is more valuable, or who does more work. 

You also have to understand that sometimes we (histotechs) like to vent when we are having a bad day.  I do respect the work of the PA's, and yes often times they to are busy and over worked, however that does not make them better than a tech.  We are all part of a team a need to function as one.  This goes both ways.  If the techs are having a busy day it would be nice to be able to utilize the help of the Lab Aides without getting the PAa's upset and vice versa.

I apologize for those that may have been insulted with the start of this posting.


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