Re: New inverted scope


Hi, we recently adquired a new olympus IX71, and all I can say is that 
we are very happy with it. It may be due to local dealer's policy but 
their offer was economically unbeatable and technically very good. The 
scope has very bright fluorescence optics, an excelent Hoffman 
modulation contrast module, and a good digital camera and software. 
Leica offer was technically interesting, but way too expensive. Cheers,


Sylvia Poulos wrote:

>Hi everyone, 
>We're looking into purchasing a new inverted scope and thought I'd get your opinions on the matter.  I had a Zeiss Axioskop 35 and loved it- unfortunately it seems to have grown legs and disappeared.  Any thoughts would be great!
>Sylvia P. Poulos
>USDA-ARS-Animal Physiology Research Unit
>Athens, GA 30605

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