Re: Microtomes

From:Tracey Couse


I have a Microm HM 355S and love it.  I have had it 3 years and have 
experienced no mechanical problems to date (knock on wood!).  We do have 
many special cutting needs, but even our paraffin sectioners use the 
automated feature and rave about it.  The microtome is user friendly (I 
train new students on it routinely) and durable (many different students 
use it, as well, we cut a variety of mediums including paraffin and resin 
and we cut a variety of samples including soft tissue, polymer, and decal 
bone).  We generate great sections with ease using low profile blades on 
our paraffin blocks.  I hope this helps!

Tracey Couse
Georgia Tech/Emory Center for the
    Engineering of Living Tissues
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 404.385.2611
Fax: 404.385.2610

Date: 19 Jun 2003 08:00:19 -0500
From: greg tesdall 
Subject: Microtomes
Hi. I have to make a decision on a new microtome. I
would like feedback on the Microm 355S automated. The
other tome we are offered is the manual Leica RM2135.
We do routine parraffin blocks 50 to 90 per day. Any
input is appreciated. It's a long story but those two
machines are our only choice. Thanks, Greg.

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