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I have an automated Microm, and really like it.  I've had a problem in the past with tendinitis from microtomy, and haven't had any trouble in the year I've been using the Microm.  It sections beautifully, and I give it two thumbs up, since I still have both my thumbs.

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greg tesdall <>

06/19/2003 07:49 AM

        Subject:        Microtomes

Hi. I have to make a decision on a new microtome. I
would like feedback on the Microm 355S automated.  The
other tome we are offered is the manual Leica RM2135.
We do routine parraffin blocks 50 to 90 per day. Any
input is appreciated. It's a long story but those two
machines are our only choice. Thanks, Greg.

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