Re: Medictech Client Server

From:Rebecca Barnhart

I sent an email to Dr Buchino but sometimes our email doesn't work to
well so I am sending this just incase.  

I set up our pathology module in the Meditech Client server.  I can be
reached at 717-765-3403 or

Becky Barnhart
Waynesboro Hospital

>>> lena spencer  06/25 11:39 AM >>>
Hi All:
I have been asked by my Pathologist Dr. John Buchino to ask if there
individuals out there who have experience with the Meditech Client
(not Meditech Magic) for Anatomic Pathology.  If you have experience
would be willing to talk with Dr. Buchino would you please send him
telephone number so that he can contact you.
Dr. Buchino's e-mail is .
Thanks for your rapid response to this inquiry.
Lena Spencer

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