Re: EM Server

From:Philip Oshel

Sara et al.,

There are two major microscopy societies in the U.S. The MSA, 
originally the Electron MSA, is the main group, and covers all forms 
of microscopy in both materials and life sciences (including biotech 
and biomedical). If you go to their web site, you'll find the links 
for subscribing to the microscopy listserver, as well as searching 
their archives. Another very helpful bunch of people -- and you'd be 
welcome to join.
Microscopy Society of America
They publish "Microscopy and Microanalysis" and now "Microscopy Today".

Another society is:
American Microscopical Society
This group is more of a biological association, and publishes 
"Invertebrate Zoology". Which I find interesting, anyway.


What is the address for the EM webserver? If someone knows can you 
also tell me how to log onto it, too. I tried looking it up but did 
not have any luck narrowing down the hundreds of thousands of EM 
related sites. Thank You!

Sara Goldston
EM Lab
Children's Hospital -Columbus, OH

Philip Oshel
Supervisor, BBPIC microscopy facility
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Wisconsin
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Madison,  WI  53706 - 1284
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