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I worked on Zeiss TEM mainly and must admit they were pretty user friendly.  I have worked on probably 10 different SEM's and cannot badmouth any of them.  Your applications will likely drive the decisions, followed by budget.  Sounds like your applications are pretty simple, you might even be able to pick up a used or refurbished one.  Zeiss, Hitachi, Philips.  Last time I was in the market they were running between 150-350K depending on how much "stuff" you wanted.

sara goldston <>

06/27/03 02:44 PM

        Subject:        EM Scope info

Hello All,
I have a general question I want to address to anyone interested. For all you lab people who work in EM, I would like to know what kind of scope you use (if you don't mind telling), not to mention your opinion of its quality and performance.  If you want to recommend a particular brand scope, please feel free.  I am a humble EM technician on a fact finding mission so as to help the EM Director make an informed decision about the type of scope he should purchase for the EM lab. FYI: the scope will be used primarily on pediatric clinical specimens which include virals, immunos, lymphs, kidney, cilia, tumors, etc.   Thank You!!
Sara Goldston
EM Department
Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH
I know the saying goes that if you have to ask you cannot afford it, but price info would be helpful too, if anyone so wishes!  I'll take approximations.  Hey, I have to start somewhere.

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