Re: EM - Histology use

From:sara goldston

I have been working in EM for a few months. As much as I like EM it is very labor intensive. The amount of work a regular histotech can put out in a day is the amount of work I can do in a week! Some labs have automated processors while some process tissue manually. Some labs only have one or two electron microscopes, so that limits the amount of work that can come through.  Also, the equipment needed to operate an EM lab is more expensive, so its best that EM stays a specialty than a mainstay. 
Sara Goldston
Ephram Shizgal <> wrote:
I'm hoping that Histonetters will be able to clarify a question I have:

What are the primary reasons that Electron Microscopy is not used
extensively in Histology/Pathology?

Is it related more to the goals of histology and pathology labs or to the
challenges associated with EM technology (price, size, complexity of EM)?

Ephram Shizgal

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