Re: Dirty Background on GMS Stain

From:Vinnie Della Speranza

Periodic acid will create more background in tissues when staining for
fungi with the GMS. keep in mind that we use periodic acid to create
aldehyde groups in basement membranes with the Jones technique, so why
wouldn't that also happen in a fungal stain if periodic acid is used to
oxidize the tissues? Chromic acid is the oxidizer of choice because it
eliminates these charged groups on collagen and elastin that would
otherwise occur with periodic acid. also, make certain that the chromic
acid is fresh.  background that occurs with a chromic acid oxidizer is
often due to insufficient time in chromic or that the chromic acid has
weakened and needs to be replaced.

good luck

Vinnie Della Speranza
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>>> "Scott, Allison D"  06/17/03 10:38AM
Can anyone make a suggestion on how to eliminate the diry background
forms on the slide when doing a GMS.  We use a 60 degree oven for the
The silver is preheated in the oven before putting the slides in.  The
silver is filtered prior to preheating, and we use 1% periodic acid
of 5% chromic acid, also we use plus slides for the sections.   Any
suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Allison Scott HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
LBJ Hospital 
Houston, Texas

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