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From:Paula Lucas

We have a CBG recycler and have the same "fishy" odor. I called CBG and they provided literature for me to explain the odor:
"results from the formation of amines which may occur when formalin reacting with small quantities of nitrogen, present in tissue, is heated under slightly alkaline conditions, i.e. pH>7.2. Amines are volatile and some may stay with your solvent. Even though they are present in minute amounts, they really smell". 
To remedy this, CBG recommends adding a small volume (a few drops to 0.2 ml) of acid to the waste in the fill container before recycling. Glacial Acetic acid is preferred, formic acid is okay, a sprinkle of citric acid is also acceptable. Do NOT use Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid or other corrosive acids. The acid will lower the pH of the waste solvent so that any nitrogen present will not form amines.
Hope this helps.
Paula Lucas
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Dear Netters,


We have a B/R Instruments Recycler.  It recycles xylene and alcohol.  Our recycled xylene has a fishy odor ever since day one of using it.  B/R said it is normal to have this ammine smell.  However, I have spoken with other labs that do not have this odor issue.  My question is:  If you own a recycler (B/R OR CBG) are  you noticing a fishy odor when you recycle your alcohol and/or xylene?  Your response is appreciated.


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