Rabbit bone decalc

From:Barry R Rittman

Re decalcification.

I must apologize as my machine ate the original message but I did read
it before that event and that I sent an HTML by mistake.

The use of resin as an additive is to remove any elements from the bone
so that the decalcification solution remains useable. This method is
some decades old and in my hands did not significantly reduce time for
decalcification using acids and also added extra expense to the process.

I am assuming that you are using adequate volumes of demineralization
solution and have continuous agitation as these will decrease
demineralization time. Also that we are talking about intact bones
rather than ones that have been sliced, and that you are considering
routine staining.

A rabbit long bone should I thought have taken 5-7 days depending on

I would recommend the following

1.    I personally prefer Kristensen's formic acid sodium formate
solution; this I believe is a little faster than formic acid -citrate

2.    Why not use 3-5% nitric acid as the demineralizing solution?  With
appropriate and frequent demineralization checks this should
demineralize significantly faster than formic acid solutions.

3.    Unless you require the entire bone try to either cut the bones
into thinner slices or cut along one side of the bone to allow more
rapid penetration of the solutions.


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