RE: the fine art of cover slipping

From:Mike Konopka

William, as I recall from haematology days we would lacquer the slides,
even thick preps for malaria, check with your haematology department I'm
sure they could spare some. If you wanted to coverslip the slides you
could use most mounting media, we use 'Ultramount #4' for hand
coverslipping. I think the largest routinely available coverslip is 50mm
(the slides are 75mm), check with your supplier.
Regards Mike
Michael Konopka
Laboratory Manager
Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia
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From: William R. Prescott []
Sent: Wednesday, 18 June 2003 11:01 PM
Subject: the fine art of cover slipping
Dear All,
            I must prepare some blood film slides for the diagnosis of
malaria (thick and thin films).  I would like to preserve these slides
for a long time.  Coverslips are, in fact, a viable option
1.  what is the best mounting cement to use?  I am concerned with
cracking or yellowing of the cement.
2.  will I be able to find cover slips that are nearly as big as the
entire slide?
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