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From:Fred Underwood

Watch out for that nasty eight letter word, HUMIDIDTY. Which I'm sure is even worse in South Carolina than here in southern Ohio.  My off site storage is in a basement and fairly cool.  In May I discoverd the dehumidifier went belly up.  While those cardboard block/slide files can with stand some water dripping on them, when left in a swamp like environment their structural integrity suffers.

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From: Jane Moose  
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 12:58 PM
Subject: storage of tissues

	Our facility is having growing pains and we need to move many years worth of cassettes to a new location.  What are minimum standards or guidelines for facilities where tissue is stored?

	 e.g  temperature ranges, humidity, insect control  etc. 
With newer techniques, I can only assume that the storage conditions will become a more important consideration in the handling of tissue.  We are having difficulty convincing the facilities personnel that are storage areas are important too!.  Thanks  

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