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Anne, What sorts of testing will you do on this tissue? Are they expecting you to work with plastic-embeddd tissue? Osmium may interfere with some stains you want to do. Why can't they just give you a piece of tissue to run in parallell? 
My experience with this sort of study is that you will get great results with the first method used (either EM or paraffin) and poor results with the second method. The only way I know of to do good work both ways to to section the plastic for light microscopy, but then your usual stains don't work the same so you have to research exactly what you hope to accomplis BEFORE you do anything.

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We are working with researchers who would like to do EM and paraffin embedding on the same piece of tissue.  We will receive the tissue following the EM procedure.  Is there any risk of toxicity from the osmium during decalcification in EDTA, processing, embedding, sectioning, or staining?  If so, is there a way to remove the osmium or make it non-toxic for these procedures?
Anne Undersander HT(ASCP)
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