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If you have either word perfect or word you can create a template and type in the information. Labels are available in 8x10 sheets. You may want to consider a system in tabular form like excel that you enter your information into then merge the files. I have done this and it works pretty well as long as you get the labels fed into the printer correctly!!
If you want more specifics let me know. Can't quite remember all the details on the spot.
Good Luck!

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        At the moment I use 19x24mm slide labels that come in a roll of 1000 labels, I then hand write specimen details on the labels. As you can imagine this gets a bit tedious when you might be writing 200 labels by hand, as I'm doing at the moment. Buying a slide labeller is way down my priority list so can anyone suggest something I can do with my computer and printer, e.g labels and suitable software.

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