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From:"Georger, Mary"

I have a 355S and love it! I have given it heavy use in the past 2 years and
it has never given me any aggravation ( wish I could say the same for my
Post-Docs ). I use low profile knives, in fact have switched to the new
knives from Richard-Allan recently, and they are also great. 	 cut mainly
very small vessels, often multiple serial sections for up to 20 levels in a
block, so losing sections is not an option. I love the automated option, the
learning curve was very small, even for an old timer like myself :)
Best of luck!

Mary Georger
Center for Cardiovascular Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
KMRB Room 2-9816
601 Elmwood Avenue.
PO Box 679
Rochester, New York  14642

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> From: 	greg tesdall
> Sent: 	Thursday, June 19, 2003 8:49 AM
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> Subject: 	Microtomes
> Hi. I have to make a decision on a new microtome. I
> would like feedback on the Microm 355S automated.  The
> other tome we are offered is the manual Leica RM2135.
> We do routine parraffin blocks 50 to 90 per day. Any
> input is appreciated. It's a long story but those two
> machines are our only choice. Thanks, Greg.
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