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From:Fred Underwood

Hi Greg. 
      I used an automated Microm for several years, I'm not sure it is the same model your evaluating.  It did produce high quality sections.  However, like many things that are automated, it did have a few more maintenance problems than a manual microtome.  The knife base advances instead of the block chuck and paraffin chips would accumulate and gum up the feed mechanism, necessitating a maintenance call.  Water would also get down there and cause some rusting.  Another odd thing is that occasionaly the unit would develop a "memory" which would restrict use of the full travel distance of the base feed.
   Unless your have repetitive motion problems or special sectioning requirements, I might lean toward staying with a manual unit.  
Good Luck,

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From: greg tesdall  
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 8:50 AM
Subject: Microtomes

	Hi. I have to make a decision on a new microtome. I 
would like feedback on the Microm 355S automated.  The 
other tome we are offered is the manual Leica RM2135. 
We do routine parraffin blocks 50 to 90 per day. Any 
input is appreciated. It's a long story but those two 
machines are our only choice. Thanks, Greg. 

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