From:"DeLovino, Salvacion S."

try air drying the slides overnight before putting them in the slide
dryer/oven. no water should be trapped between the brain section and slide
prior to oven drying. sometimes that helps. good luck..

salvacion s. delovino

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> From: 	Maliniak, Richard[]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, July 02, 2003 10:38 AM
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> Subject: 	MYELIN STAIN
> We have not been able to do a myelin (special stain or immunostain) on an
> autopsy specimen because the brain section keep falling off the slides.
> We have tried all types of slides including charged slides and no work.
> Any suggestions on what we should do?  Would anyone like us to send them
> the slides to try?
> Rick 

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