RE: How Can I Made Thin Sections For H&E From Lymphnode tissue?

From:"Smith, Allen"

You may need to make a cut in the capsule of the lymph node or even bisect the lymph node if you want to use only 2 changes of absolute alcohol.  I usually use 5 changes of absolute alcohol and 3 changes of xylene!
I can cut thin (4 micrometers or less) paraffin sections only with a freshly sharpened knife.
Holding an ice cube against the block for 20 to 30 seconds before starting to cut often helps.

Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
Barry University
School of Graduate Medical Sciences
    Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Miami Shores, Florida  33161-6695

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Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 5:16 PM
Subject: How Can I Made Thin Sections For H&E From Lymphnode tissue?

Dear fellows!
I`m really experiencing difficulties in making thin section (5microns) for H&E from lymphnode tissue. Lymphnode tissue are usually prompt/immediately fixed in buffered formalin (pH 7.2) for 12 hours before runned in a automated machine for 16 hours. In this machine tissue goes through and agitated in different baths; starting with 70% alcohol (two changes), then 90%, 95% and absolute alcohols (all these in two changes). Then two changes of Xylene follows before embeded in paraffin wax.
The quality of H&E sections of other tissue is good, but with lymphnode the section are thick/poor quality and impose difficulties in making diagnosis.
I appreciate your opinion/advice, so as I can improve the quality of sections for well fare of patients in this part of the world.
Thanking you in advance.
Postgraduate student,
University of Dar es Salaam- Muhimbili Campus.
Tanzania-East Africa.

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