RE: Eosin and beefing it up a bit.

From:Gary Gill

Several options:
*    Increase time: add another eosin bath or two, space permitting
*    Increase eosin concentration (what are you using now?)
*    Add 0.5% HOAC (e.g., 5 mL glacial acetic acid per 995 mL solvent [water, 70% EtOH?])
*    Adding even a pinch of phloxine will dramatically increase fuchsia-like color
*    Try this formula, which was introduced at Johns Hopkins Pathology Lab many years ago by the late Don Meyers:

Biebrich scarlet (ws) -- C.I. No. 26905 0.4 gm

Eosin Y -- C.I. No. 45380 5.0 gm

Phloxine B -- C.I. No. 45410 2.1 gm

95% ethanol 200 mL

Distilled water 800 mL

The weights given are for total dye content. Greater amounts, therefore, must be weighed out to compensate for dye content. Biebrich scarlet is not certified by the Biological Stain Commission, so no dye content will be printed on the label. Acetic acid is not added. Combine the ingredients at room temperature, stir, and filter before using. Staining time is a few dips.

Gary Gill

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Subject: Eosin and beafing it up a bit.

Dear All:
I am trying to increase my eosin staining on my slides, I have a linistainer and the slides only go into the stain for 10 seconds. So I want to make the solution as strong as I can.
Can I just add more dye powder, or do I need to increase the concentraions of the Acetic Acid,
How dose Phloxine work, will I be able to get better results?
Yours faithfully,
A. Kevin Williams.

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