RE: Dirty Background on GMS Stain

From:Fred Underwood

How long are you leaving them in silver?  Usually once the sections turn a light brown, it's time to take them out of the silver.  Also, lower your oven temp a few degrees.  This will give you a little more time between light brown and jet black.  

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Subject: Dirty Background on GMS Stain

	Can anyone make a suggestion on how to eliminate the diry background that 
forms on the slide when doing a GMS.  We use a 60 degree oven for the GMS. 
The silver is preheated in the oven before putting the slides in.  The 
silver is filtered prior to preheating, and we use 1% periodic acid instead 
of 5% chromic acid, also we use plus slides for the sections.   Any 
suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance. 
Allison Scott HT(ASCP) 
Histology Supervisor 
LBJ Hospital 
Houston, Texas 

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