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From:Margaret Blount

Formalin over fixation depresses tinctorial staining, particularly
haematoxylins. If you look in one of the old histology techniques textbooks
you should find a method for improving such weak staining. The principal
methods as I remember them involved the use of sodium dichromate, but I
don't remember the details, however if I come across them I will post them
asap. Meanwhile, I suggest you try to find a copy of a book by Culling or
Carleton's Histological Technique by Drury and Wallington, they will
probably be available in a University library or if you know someone who has
been in histology as long a I have they may have their own copy, sorry I
Good luck

Margaret Blount
Clinical Biochemistry
Cambridge University

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If this is the case then I would just use one of the many antigen
retrieval methods developed for IHC.

Robert Schooonhoven

Tague, Curtis wrote:

>I read somewhere that if left in formalin too long there will be a problem
with staining. Something to do with a cross link blocking of a protein on
the membrane. Anyone familiar with the details of this and if this is
accurate, is there a way to reverse the action, soak in 70% or something
like that? Or, is that tissue just lost?
>We have a few lobes of lung that are/were all loaded but don't stain now.
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