Productivity task force

From:"LaFriniere, Mike"

As many people know, NSH has a task force that is currently in the process
of collecting workload productivity data for the pathology laboratory Nation
wide to include Canada. As Chair for the task force, many people have been
contacting me to obtain the data. I try to help anyone that is in need of
urgent data for staffing justification since the previously published data
from years ago seems to be obsolete in many cases. The task force data we
are currently collecting will be presented to the NSH Board during the
symposium/convention this year in a completed format. The Board will then
make decisions on acceptance of the data,if accepted, how to disseminate the
data with a plan of action to work with CAP on acceptance of the data
approved by the NSH BOD.

The task force currently has approx. 80 questions concerning productivity
from cases, blocks, slides, FTE's, management styles etc. and is going to go
into the final phase of instrumentation. I am seeking 5 more participatants
to add to our data. Should anyone wish to participate in answering the
questions and completing the questions by July 20th, please email me. 


Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
NSH Region III Director
Pathololgy Manager
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN 

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