Performance improvement in histology

Amy somewhere or the other needs information about PI in histology.

Performance improvement in a histology laboratory is a continous program to try and improve the quality and service of the work done.
If other hospitals are like ours, we have monthly "Quality Assurance" meetings where the different sections make small presentations. The results of the meetings are passed along to our hospital's, "Quality of Care Committee"
In histology every Wednesday, we send out a short questionaire with all our slides (H & E's, special stains. IHC, autopsies, etc). We list any problems we have found (poor fixation, too thick, staples, poor labeling etc) (we have residents so there is no shortage on material!). Further down the sheet the attending pathologist comments on the quality of the slides. Periodically all these comments are collated and made into a presentation. (The QI guru's like numbers and percentages to show improvement)
At other times we have monitored turn around times on special stains, IHC, autopsies, etc
The last group of CAP inspectors were quite helpful. The inspector came from a similier sized medical center and had good suggestions, like sending out a questionaire to other departments and physicians who we do work for, (like OBGYN and Internal Medicine) asking THEM if they are happy with the service they receive.
Overall, doing research for a QI presentation can be a pain in the rear but sometimes in life you have to grin and bear it. It is also a good opportunity to take a leadership role! Then again you can delegate it!

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA

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