Lymph nodes

From:John Auld

Jambo, Innocent

Lymph nodes are tricky to cut well. As previous replies have suggested -
Slice the larger ones as soon as possible
Fix for 24 hours if possible, although in the heat of Dar shorter times
might be OK
Trim in gently
Cool, but not to much as LNs go brittle, I find water on ice better than
ice alone. Try cutting after different periods of cooling
Cut SLOWLY at 2 - 3 microns with a sharp knife. I suspect you use a steel
knife rather than disposable blades this should not be a problem if the
knife is sharp.
Make sure every thing on the microtome is tight, how well and often is it

I know that Tanzania is a poor country and it can only guess at the
problems you face, but hopefully with the advice you will get from Histonet
you will be able to overcome some of your problems,


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