How Can I Made Thin Sections For H&E From Lymphnode tissue?


Dear fellows!
I`m really experiencing difficulties in making thin section (5microns) for H&E from lymphnode tissue. Lymphnode tissue are usually prompt/immediately fixed in buffered formalin (pH 7.2) for 12 hours before runned in a automated machine for 16 hours. In this machine tissue goes through and agitated in different baths; starting with 70% alcohol (two changes), then 90%, 95% and absolute alcohols (all these in two changes). Then two changes of Xylene follows before embeded in paraffin wax.
The quality of H&E sections of other tissue is good, but with lymphnode the section are thick/poor quality and impose difficulties in making diagnosis.
I appreciate your opinion/advice, so as I can improve the quality of sections for well fare of patients in this part of the world.
Thanking you in advance.
Postgraduate student,
University of Dar es Salaam- Muhimbili Campus.
Tanzania-East Africa.

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