H&E staining on PMMA ground sections


Hi Histonetters:
        Does anyone have a protocol for H&E staining of PMMA ground and polished sections containing small metal implants that they wouldn't mind sharing?   I routinely stain my bone implants with Giemsa (rather than H&E), but this time I am working with aneurysm specimens that contain small metal devices, and the Giemsa stain just doesn't quite work.  Back in the stone ages, we stained plastic ground sections with Cole's hematoxylin (of course, I have to make this!!!!), but I wondered if anyone else has experience and would be willing to share.
All suggestions are appreciated!

Have a great holiday!

Diane Mahovlic, HT(ASCP)
Orthopedic Pathology and Biomaterials Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

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