H/E stainers and Embedding centers

From:Ross Stapf

Hello everyone:

I want to first thank everyone who has responded to my past requests for help.  

I am currently interested in opinions about the following types of products:  H/E autostainers and Embedding Centers.  I think I finally got my capital equipment budget unfrozen and I want to act before it freezes again.

I know there have been advances since my 10 year old Autostainer and 10-20 year old Embedding Centers were made.  Advances don't always mean improvements and many bells and whistles are never used or are just another thing that can break.  That said, I am not interested much in negative feedback.  I have my old favorites if someone doesn't open my eyes to something new.

I will be demoing anything I seriously consider, but I am especially interested to here from people who have found a feature on one that has worked well for them.  Maybe some feature you didn't realize you wanted, but now you can't imagine living without.  This is the sort of thing we might miss on a demo.

Thank you

Ross Stapf
Histology Supervisor
Washington Adventist Hospital
Takoma Park MD

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