Federal Shipping, Handling and Training needs for %10 formalin fixed Diagnostic

From:kevin williams

Dear All:
I have been trying to find out what regulations we have to follow in the packaging and transport of specimens( both wax embeded blocks and free floating in formalin)
This is the web site I was given by Gary Gill ( Many Thanks )
(From here I was able to find the number of a Call centre that is very helpfull.
1-800-467-4922  This is a government call centre. I spoke to BEN, he was helpfull.
The other internet site to go to is NO "www" before the adress, I do not know why, probably an Alcian Blue control thing.
then go to the red diamond near the top of the screen  "Regulations & Fed HazMat Law"
That is as far as I have actually gone on the internet.
Here are the regulations from 49 CFR  100-185 Sub chapter C
I think I have the notation correct.
The other areas of this that are of interest include
Training Requirments   172.700
Non Bulk Packaging Requirements for Class 8 corosive material ( 10%NBF, not the tissue) 173.154 (More than 25% Formaldehyde is a class 3)
Limated Quantities Exceptions 173.154
Jeneral prep& Packaging for HazMat.   173.21
I know most of us are not brining the specimes to our own labs, but some labs send out formalin bottles in bulk to customers and we all send blocks in the post (Diagnostic specamins)
To be honest I do not think that I have covered blocks in the post as I was concentrating on specimens  that are just in 10%NBF.
I will be looking over this info for the weekend and will share with you what I learn.
Have a good holiday.
Sorry about the spelling I may not have a life, but my wife is wating for me.
Yours faithfully,
A.Kevin Williams.

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