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From:sara goldston

Hello All,
I have a general question I want to address to anyone interested. For all you lab people who work in EM, I would like to know what kind of scope you use (if you don't mind telling), not to mention your opinion of its quality and performance.  If you want to recommend a particular brand scope, please feel free.  I am a humble EM technician on a fact finding mission so as to help the EM Director make an informed decision about the type of scope he should purchase for the EM lab. FYI: the scope will be used primarily on pediatric clinical specimens which include virals, immunos, lymphs, kidney, cilia, tumors, etc.   Thank You!!
Sara Goldston
EM Department
Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH
I know the saying goes that if you have to ask you cannot afford it, but price info would be helpful too, if anyone so wishes!  I'll take approximations.  Hey, I have to start somewhere.

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