From:kevin williams

Dear All:
I have tried out a system of a(first three) regressive Gills  Heaematoxylin, followed  by a Progressive Haematoxylin, of the same strenght and the slides are exposed to it for the same amont of time. The regressive is constantly dilueted by water and alcohol and the regressive is constantly exposted to the progressive Haematoxylin, due to the fact that I use a lini stainer.
Can you give me any insits into the good quality staining I have found using no differentiator(previously using Clear Rite) followed by Amonium Hydroxide. The eosin then follows, only gets 10 seconds. So the best I have found is without the Clear Rite and the Amonium Hydroxide. So please tell me what is going on and why. Why is most important.
Thanks for all your help,
Yours faithfully,
A. Kevin Willimas.

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