Attachment of Frozen Cartilage sections

From:"Shirley S. Chu"

I'm having problems with adherence of frozen cartilage sections to slides.  Sections are cut at 8um using the CryoJane system and have been mounted either positively charged, silane or poly-l-lysine coated slides.  Slides stored at -70C until staining.  The sections are fixed in 70% ethanol (needed for downstream processing) and then stained using a toluidine blue/basic fuchsin solution.   During the dehydration/clearing steps, the portions of the sections are lifting off the slides.  Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how to obtained better attachment of these tissue sections?  Responses can be sent directly to me or posted on the Histonet.  Thanks in advance.

Shirley Chu
Arcturus Engineering, Inc.
Mountain View CA  
650-962-3020 x359

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