help w/ cornea staining

From:Tamara Howard

I need help!! I'm trying to stain cornea sections (formaldehyde-fixed,
embedded in paraffin) for several things, but am having the most trouble
with the "plain" staining - my H&Es are garbage. I've tried several
formulations for both stains and several different staining protocols, but
the collagen isn't holding the eosin very well when I go back to dehydrate
before mounting (the hematoxylin is fine). Any tricks to mordant the
eosin? Anyone have another favorite cornea stain (other than H&E)? We just
need sort of a survey slide for orientation, but the MD wants to see
pretty collagen. The stains themselves are fine (no trouble with other
samples) and other blocks that were processed at the same time as the
corneas are fine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and will drastically cut my aspirin


 Tamara Howard
 Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
 University of New Mexico - Health Sciences Center
 Albuquerque, NM 87131

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