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From:Jeff Silverman

Joost- I think a cocktail of chromogranins A and B would cover most
pulmonary neuroendocrine cells without having to worry about which
neuropeptide the cells elaborate.

April- I love limonene as a clearing agent except in the tissue processor,
we use xylene for procesing and limonene for purging the machine and all
staining baths. It is not as volatile as xylene and leaves a slight oiliness
in the tissues which usually is not a problem and sometimes helps,
especially if the tissue is cut thin. Fatty tissues give the most problems
when using limonene for processing.

Vinnie and Terry, as for safety, I'd rather use an agent that shows
antitumor activity and is being fed orally!! to patients in clinical trials
(limonene) than some mystery aliphatic that gets persnickety at the
slightest hint of H2O. Our eosin never bleeds.  I know some folks are
allergic to limonene and get violently ill, luckily I have never encountered
such a worker in nearly fifteen years of use (maybe 35 or 40  people).
Limonenes include Histoclear, Americlear, Clearium, Hemo De.

Janice- to clean the cryostat, carefully remove debris with gauze soaked in
70% ethanol (CAP and other references) and then wipe the surfaces with the
same solution.

Jeff Silverman
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore NY USA

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