Water quality and immuno


I had responded to the question from the Marsh lab in Bozeman MT
suggesting that it might be worth a try to use well water for
immunostaining. One of the reasons for this suggestion is that when I was
on sabbatical in Holland, I found that they were doing their ELISA washes
with tap water and it worked fine. This was not even PBS made in tap
water but just washing with a manifold connected to the tap.  I have
found ELISA to be even more finnicky than immunohistochemistry, so I was
quite surprised with thier results. I am not recommending this without
testing. However, in some areas the tap water may be fine for washing or
making up stains. What I don't know is if the water was chlorinated in
the lab in Holland or if it was well water. I think it was chlorinated
bacause the water table is so near the surface in Holland that it would
be risky not chlorinating. 

Douglas Gregg DVM PhD
Veterinary Pathologist
Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Greenport, NY 11971

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