From:Ian Montgomery

    John made a few interesting comments regarding Welsh water but English
beer! I always sample the local beers on my foreign travels but English beer
is the major reason I never venture over the border. It's flat, warm and
with a horrendous taste, it's awful. Now, mother nature gave Scotland
perfect water, and you can use it for silver staining, indeed Bielschowsky
Gros works better with tap water than distilled. Plus of course we were
blessed with the ability to make the amber nectar, whisky. While other may
claim to make the king of spirits, single malt whisky is the king of kings.
From the Orkneys to the Lowlands, Skye to Arran the distilleries produce a
drink so pure and filled with complexity of flavour that a single sip
transports you to a world of delights.
    It's a wet windy Sunday morning here in Scotland but as I look out my
lounge window in the distance peeping out from the mist I can see Ben
Lomond, Narnain and Vorlich stretching into the distance. I agree the Welsh
hills are beautiful but we have mountains, awesome mountains and arctic
habitats over the entire Cairngorm massif. Mmm, maybe my postings on Friday
were a bit harsh and the UK and it's nations are not so bad. So, if you
fancy spending some time here your more than welcome.

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