From:"Dr. Ian Montgomery"

        Further to my earlier posting.
1.) The country is dirty. Dropping litter is a habit that has become endemic throughout the country.
2.) Expensive, we can beat the world here, food, clothing just about anything and we are more expensive.
3.) Environmental desert, of course we are, even my country the allegedly beautiful Scotland. The mountains and glens shouldn't look the way they do, what happened to the native Scots pine? Cut down for the steel mills and to make way for sheep after the clearances. What in part replaced them, row after row of Sitka spruce.
4.) The natives are like peoples the world over, basically a friendly bunch.
5.) Technical training, superb, both academically and technically. Although I hold my fellow Histonetter in high regard the training here in the UK is of the highest quality. Salaries, we really are at the bottom. When I read of the salaries on offer in the US I cry in envy.
        Now, don't think I'm a total merchant of doom and gloom there are positives. We still live in a democracy and for the majority of people the quality of life is still good. I'm sure people from other countries must feel the same way about their country, it's just that when I think how easy it would be to change things for the better I weep. Weather, now don't get me started on that theme, grey skies and rain.

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