From:Patricia Karlisch

   The question I have is whether your institutions hire ASCP/HT's as histotechnologists or histotechnicians.  Is the title institution driven ASCP driven in your areas.   
   I ask this because all of our HT's attended our histotech school (on site training and seminars) and as they completed their year some were hired as HISTOTECHNOLOGISTS.  We would now like to look at an on the job training for our Technical Lab Assistants  and work with the Univ of Indiana for them to get the didactic training and finally certification.  If this does happen we will probably have some Technical Lab Assistants who will not become certified and will be classified here as a HISTOTECHNICIAN.  Is there an NSH/ASCP job description of both?   As we move towards the Associate Degree will the histotechs' titles change?
    Thank you for any information you may have on this.

Patricia Karlisch
Team Leader, Anatomic Pathology
Geisinger Medical Laboratories
GeisingerHealth System, Danville, PA 17822-23-00
(570) 271-8148

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