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     I strongly believe, particularly in the present shortage, that potential
     employees should not be paying for travelling expenses to attend an
     interview. The couple of interviews I've been for recently coughed up the
     money (and incidently my new present employer paid me a sizeable
     relocatioon and sign-on bonus), Otherwise I wouldn't have gone. But you've
     got to ask them for it...they're not going to offer it up front.
     Remember, if you don't look after yourself, no-one else is going to do

     Ronnie Houston
     Regional Histology Operations Manager
     Bon Secours Health Partners Laboratories
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Subject: RE: negotiate wages - Shoot for the stars
Author:  Tim Webster  at BSHSIBTW
Date:    6/20/02 8:46 PM

       A previous employer picked up the tab for a lab tech flying
       from Colorado to
       interview for a position.  I don't know how common this is.  I
       guess it
       depends on the urgency to fill the slot and/or a lack of local

       To answer the question, I think it's reasonable to ask about
       the pay range
       before you waste everybodys time (and your money) travelling
       for an
       interview.  YOU are the valuable commodity at stake.  You know
       what amount
       works for you, so be confident and assured when you ask.  As a
       manager, I
       would be suspicious if applicants DIDN'T ask about the money.
       I don't know
       to many histology philanthropists!

       Finally, a course I took quoted the cost to orient and train a
       "New Hire"
       technical position estimated at about $30,000. (Inservice,
       orientation, department orientation, direct supervision etc etc
       etc.) If you
       interview well over the phone that they want to meet you, a
       plane fare is
       chump change.  ASK!  They want you and the worst they can say is "No"!

       Sorry, got a bit carried away there.  Most of the people I work
       with have
       been headhunted in the last year or so.  There are too many
       vacancies for
       too few techs.  You can't command the stars, but supply and
       demand says that
       the deck is tilted in the applicants favor.  Ask for the stars
       and maybe you get the moon.


       Tim Webster
       Histology Specialist
       Northwestern Medical Center
       Fairfield Street
       St Albans, VT 05478
       (802) 524-1070

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        Hi all,
       I have question along these lines. If you are going to go on an
       and will possibly relocate if offered the job. Is it bad
       ettiquette to ask
       before thay purchase a plane ticket etc. What the pay range is.
       So you would
       know if you are even interested in interviewing for the job?

       Just curious,


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