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I have used zinc formalin for the last 8 years or so in place of 10% NBF and
although I have heard some antibodies work better in NBF than zinc formalin I
have not found one that does in my hands.  Switching to zinc formalin has mostly
illiminated the need for antigen retrieval in my hands, which is very important
to me, especially HIER, because I work with bone.  In my opinion the IHC world
would be a lot better if we all used zinc formalin in place of NBF as ZF does
not crosslink proteins as much as NBF.

"Hoye, Glenda F. (Fka Hood)" wrote:

> Hello, all.
> I'm posting this for a former student and her laboratory. Please respond to
> Do any of you know pro's and con's of zinc formalin that the lab can use to
> justify the continuation or discontinuation of its use? They are wanting any
> information that you have, as how zinc formalin fixation effects the quality
> of the end product (stained slide), cutting, staining, or cost.
> If you have any information that might be helpful to them, please respond to
> the following:
> Thank you,
> Glenda F. Hoye, B.S., HT(ASCP)
> Histotechnology Program Director
> Indiana University School of Allied Health Sciences
> Indianapolis, IN 46202-5119
> 317-278-1599

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