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as i mentioned anyone can do a salary survey, the difficulty is conviencing
those who decide what to pay you that the salary information is valid and was
collected using approved guidelines, i think it would be up to your HR
department to decide the value/validity of any salary survey.

Carrie Kyle-Byrne wrote:

> i wonder then.....i worked in salem, oregon a couple of years ago and
> distinctly remember being told that the med techs were getting another raise
> because the most recent salary survey "the hospital" had done put the med
> techs pay behind the salaries paid in portland.  the survey for the
> histotechs had yet to be done (a likely story.....).
> carrie
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> > It is a Federal law and applies to us all, however you can go on web sites
> and find salary levels for your area such as, this is perfectly
> legal.
> >                          Dana
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