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every institution has a different budget and approach to continuing education.
for some places CEU's are not supported at all, others send some people
(usually supervisors) to local or national meetings.  another program supported
by some places is Teleconferences, NSH has a teleconference program, go to to access, ASCP and CAP are other orginizations that offer
teleconferences.  ASCP also has a subscription CEU program called Tech Sample.
NSH has offered a few online courses in the past and will be getting more
involved with distance learning as we have just contracted with a company
(Conference Seek) to capture some of our presentations and offer them on the
internet through our web site
i have just been dying to recommend a new IHC reference book.  this book is
written by a pathologist (David Dabbs, M.D.) and deals with tumor pathology but
also involves the technical aspects of IHC methodology.  "Diagnostic
Immunohistochemistry"  Editor:  David J. Dabbs, MD, Professor of Pathology,
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Director of Anatomic Pathology,
Magee-Women's Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA  With 25 additional contributors.
Elsevier Science  A Churchill Livingstone title  Harcourt Health Sciences  1-800-545-2522  Product Data:  689 pages, 682 ills. (640 in
full color) 8.5X11", hard cover  SCP:  $269.00  Oct. 2001, ISBN:
0-443-06566-7, revised

patsy ruegg wrote:

> Hello Histonet:
> I am looking for some information that I am sure the highly intelligent,
> beautiful, and modest Histonetters can help me with.  As I am fairly new at
> being the "top dog" in our lab there are some things that I want to do but
> lack the knowledge on how to get them started.  The main thing is that we
> need to boost our continuing education.  What do you do for yours and is
> there anything online that I can use as a resource.
> The other thing is that we have had IHC in our lab for more than a year.
> It is on an automated stainer and I have no problems with working the
> equipment.  What I do not know is the theory behind the staining.  Pressing
> buttons only triggers so much cognitive thought.  Luckily we have a 30+
> year Tech whom is IHC certified so I can put allot of faith in her, but I
> need to educate myself.  Is there any text books or journals that I can
> purchase for reference.  I did some research for these myself but was
> woefully disappointed in the results.  It seems as if there is not much out
> there.
> Any information I can get on either of these two subjects would greatly
> appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
> Stephen J. Scholz HT(ASCP)
> Histology Laboratory
> OSF St. Anthony Medical Center
> Rockford Illinois

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