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From:"P. Emry"

After reading your last note...wanted to share my reply with the h-net.
I am sure you will see in what high regard we all hold you..there in our

Language and ideas, not a small gift to the world.  We can forgive the


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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 17:42:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: P. Emry 
To: Dr. Ian Montgomery 
Subject: Re: Working in the UK

But, Ian, we all came from there. Just about.  Those of us who don't have
UK genes (my family dropped by on its way to the US from Denmark for a
few generations) have UK culture, language, etc., etc., etc.

What's not to love?  I just got BBC America and am watching Changing Rooms
and Ground Force, the gardener ,the builder and the wood-nymph.  Allen
Titmarch..the name alone is fascinating..used the word numeracy.
I probably spelled it wrong but, no where in America will you hear the
word numeracy spoken.  See what I mean?
You have more words and you use them with such style.  My nephew said I
should retire to the UK and if all I did was to ride around in buses and
listen to other people's conversation, I would be completely entertained.

Besides, a country that could produce a Sean Connory and a John Cleese..I've got it all.

Can't wait to find my way there.

U of Washington, Seattle

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