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From:Carrie Kyle-Byrne

my apologies to all who thought this thread was still about the quality of
tap water......i didn't realize the whiskey query to ian would get such a
lively response.  if i make it to long beach this year, i might bring the
bottle with me and we'll have the party at noel's place (she offered after
all......  ;-) )

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> Carrie,
>             Lagavulin, an Islay malt and a peaty one at that, definitely
> the more mature palate. I'm sure your husband will know, but malt whisky
> should be drunk from a brandy type glass thus allowing the heat from the
> hand to release the bouquet and the drinker to nose the whisky. I actually
> enjoy this as much as the drinking. Sip and roll the spirit round the
> mouth giving your receptors a good hit of the flavours. Plus of course, no
> ice and if necessary a little fresh spring water. Water is optional, some
> insist that it's necessary while I personally prefer my whisky
> For me, The Macallan, Glenfarclas and Arran single malts are the ones of
> choice.
> Ian.
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> From: "Carrie Kyle-Byrne" 
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> hey ian....speaking of single malt husband (an irishman
> Cork) was given a bottle of 16yr old Lagavulin (he did a very good thing
> work).  am i right in assuming this is one of the nectar's of the gods and
> should be saved for a special occassion?
> carrie kyle-byrne

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