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From:Bebhinn Treanor

Just to clarify-members of Commonwealth countries do not have unlimited 
working rights in other Commonwealth countries.  Most Commonwealth 
countries offer a working holiday visa to members of other Commonwealth 
countries which is valid for usually 2 years and only allows part-time 
employment.  In addition, these visas are usually only available to people 
under the age of 26.

Obtaining a work visa is extremely difficult (at least from the UK) for 
members of other Commonwealth countries (or any other country for that 
matter).  In order to get a work, the company in Britain must prove that 
there is no British citizen able to do the job.

(A Canadian living in the UK)
University College London

At 09:09 20/06/2002 -0600, rueggp wrote:
>Patsy, while your comments are valid for a person from the US to try to
>in the UK you might be interested to know that the Commonwealth
>have work agreements that allow people from member countries to work in
>other Commonwealth countries. Their education systems and work
>are similar so they all travel around working their way around the
>world. In
>fact, for someone like Aidan from New Zealand, it is fully expected that
>they will go to other countries to work. The call the Big OE, or
>Experience. You would be surprised at how many of these techs have
>worked in
>places all over the world.
>Tim Morken

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