Re: Soaking in Nair

From:Melissa Jans

We have been using nair for toenails for about a year.
 It does not seem to interfere with PAS staining for
fungus.  Toenails that require nair and those which do
not will both stain for fungus.  Here is our procedure
(the condensed version!)
1.  Process the tissue as normal.
2.  Carefully face into the block (these toenails seem
to pop out of the block easily).
3.  Put a dab of nair of the surface of the block.
4.  Let the block sit with nair for 5-10 minutes.
5.  Wipe the surface of the block and return block to
ice water to cool for a few minutes.
6.  Microface block and take a few sections.

I should note that not all sections seem to stay on
the slides.  Some toenails stay on the slide using a
regular uncoated slide with stay-on in the waterbath,
others require the use of a PLUS or coated slide.  We
probably have to repeat staining about half the time
to try and get the nail section to stay on the slide.

Good Luck, hope this helps!!
Melissa Jans
University of Iowa Healthcare
Lead Scientist, histology lab
--- Amy Johnson  wrote:
> Can anyone help us?  Awhile back I had read that you
> can use nair to help
> with cutting hard tissues like toenails.  I would
> like to know more about
> this because we are having trouble with cutting
> toenails to be stained for
> fungus.  Will this interfere with the PAS stain? 
> Thanks for the help.
> Amylin Johnson
> Associates in Pathology
> Wausau, Wisconsin

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