Re: Immunostainers

From:Shaun Kay

We have recently purchased a Ventana system and now our Pathologists don't talk to us.
One reason - the IP's are beautiful and there are no complaints from them.
Now we find IP's are becoming 'urgent' as the system works so well
Mr Shaun Kay
Chief Laboratory Scientist
Davies Campbell deLambert Pathology
2 Leeds Street
NSW 2138
Tel 02 9736 2555
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From: Barbara Murray
Sent: Sunday, June 23, 2002 12:07 AM
Subject: Immunostainers

I know this has been mentioned before about the different auto immunostainers.
Could I get some feedback on the different ones that each of you are using.
We are again trying to make a decision on what to use.
I thank  each of you in advance for your reply!
Barbara A. Murray,HT.(ASCP)
The Alaska Native Medical Center
Pathology Dept.
Anchorage,  Alaska

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