Re: Help! Is anyone doing a silver stain for A.D.

From:"J. A. Kiernan"

Melissa Jensen wrote:
> I really really really dont want to do an Ammonical 
> silver stain! I have high hopes with the info Bill 
> McMeeken sent. A methenamine silver procedure.I have 
> asked him to send a procedure! Cant wait!!!

There is a recent, thorough, illustrated review of 
staining methods for dementia pathology by David Munoz:
  Munoz DG. Stains for the differential diagnosis 
  of degenerative dementias. 
  Biotech Histochem 1999;74(6):311-20.
If your lab doesn't take this journal (Gasp! And it
costs so little) you can read the Abstract of the 
paper by way of PubMed:
The author is a neuropathologist with a keen
interest in techniques and is very active in research
on neurodegenerative diseases, including dementias.
  Munoz argues convincingly that a silver method
originally devised by Ferenc Gallyas shows more
plaques and tangles than other techniques (including
immunostaining). His review includes detailed
instructions for the Gallyas variant used in his
own laboratory. He also points out that immuno- and 
other staining methods have their places, especially 
for detecting lesions of other kinds, which may change 
a diagnosis from Alzheimer's to something else even 
though plaques and tangles are present.
John A. Kiernan
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
The University of Western Ontario
London,   Canada   N6A 5C1

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