Re: Dako HercepTest pellet controls


The problem with using cells from culture as controls for ffpe tissues
is that they are not processed the same.  Cells are not fixed, and
paraffin processed so comparing them to ffpe tissues is not valid.  When
I attended the CAP Her2 conference in Chicago this issue was being
addressed.  Elizabeth Hammond of Utah is developing tissue array blocks
which have about 20 cores of tissue each with different levels of her2
expression and these samples are ffpe so that they can be properly
compared to the ffpe patient tissue.  I am not sure of when, but I think
these controls are going to be offered for sale by CAP.

K C wrote:

> Has anyone recently experienced inconsistencies with
> Dako pellet controls as far as staining?  My positive
> tissue controls are coming out consistent, but the
> pellets are consistently staining lower than what they
> are supposed to be.
> Thanks,
> John
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