Re: Antibodies

From:Alex Knisely

In a word:  No.

Antibody panels, etc., with 80% of neoplasms marking for A and only 10%
marking for B, tell you nothing about the behavior of an individual neoplasm.

So far as I know no single antibody's marking pattern is pathognomonic,
serving to exclude cholangiocyte origin or to exclude large-bowel
enterocyte origin.

Perhaps RFLP profiling and comparisons between samples taken from colon
neoplasm and liver neoplasm would help.  

But that's not histochemistry.

We here sign out such liver-tumor cases as:  Consistent with origin in
large-bowel primary (when it looks like it came from colon), see comment;
or, Consistent with origin in biliary epithelium (when it looks like a
cholangiocarcinoma), see comment.

The text of the comment is some variation on "Clinical correlation is

Good luck

Alex K

At 14:21 17/06/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know how I can differentiate colonic epithelial cells from
>epithelial cells. I have a neoplasm occuring in the colon and liver.  I am
>trying to decide if it is  the same tumor or two different ones.  Are
there any
>antibodies out their to use  with immunohistochemistry.
>Matthew Starost
>MD Anderson Cancer Center
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